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My last two blog postings discuss the pathetic Democrats and the soon-to-be-loser Republicans. Each of those postings referred to a specific prediction I am making about each of those parties. This posting finishes up with my political predictions by addressing the Far Left Meets Far Right prediction.

Now, on pages 43-48 of my essay Long Tail Rising, I indicate that Far Left in America is represented politically by the Greens; Far Right, by the Libertarians. So I was going to use this posting to report on increased chatter around the Internet about a possible Green-Libertarian merger.

But tonight, while looking for that, I stumbled across Wikipedia’s page for Green libertarianism. That page includes a link to a site called “Green-Libertarian Philosophy.” Aside from some philosophy, that site includes a “support” page indicating that these people are scouting out the idea of a new American political party based on a merger between the Greens and Libertarians. They want to hear what people think of the idea.

Here’s what I think: Sign me up!

Well, odds are that these are some pretty weird people. But hey, since my friends think I’m weird anyway, where’s the conflict?

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