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Am I Anti-Corporate?

Posted on: September 19, 2006

With unique users on this site well on the way to crossing the 1000 barrier this month (for the first time), I figured this was a good time to clear up some stuff. In the previous posting, I mention that a couple of engineer friends of mine recently questioned my sanity concerning my take on 9/11. I figured that if they thought that, a good number of you do too.

You may all be correct on that score. But I didn’t want to leave you with misconceptions. One that I could see arising concerns my position and beliefs about Corporations. With a tag-line that starts “People vs.Corporations…”, one might conclude that I’m a “bomb throwing anti-corporate activist”.

I may be crazy, but I’m definitely not that crazy. Although I do believe that the greatest current threat to the security and prosperity of America concerns certain Corporations and Industries, I don’t believe that all Corporations are evil.

First, I don’t even believe in good vs. evil. As I have podcasted more than a few times, I believe instead in (attraction, aversion) vs. (love, wisdom). To see what that means, check out my podcasts on this point. (If I wasn’t so lazy I’d give you the links — well, if you’re interested, just leave a commont or otherwise ping me, and I’ll look for the links.)

Second, I have a more nuanced view of Corporations. Basically, I see Corporations like boa constrictors or pythons. When such snakes hatch out of their eggs, they are really cute little guys. And while they remain baby snakes, they’re really fun to have around.

But when they’ve reached full maturity, and have become massive and immensely powerful, they are now dangerous. Your nice little baby python that you once played with can now wrap itself around your neck and with one little squeeeze, you are toast.

I think Corporations are similar. So for example, I can find no evil or excessive aversion or attachment in any of the Internet companies. The oldest ones are only 10 years old. Ten years in the life span of a Corporation is nothing. The Internet companies are still babies — all fun and play and spit-ups.

But give these tykes another 50 years or so, and I predict that cute and fuzzy Yahoo, Google, EBay, and Amazon, if they are still around in 2056, will have become dangerous adult pythons.

Similarly, looking around at the Corporations and Industries that are 50-years-old or older today, we come to Big Food, Big Pharm, Big Media, what Eisenhower called the Military-Industrial Complex, and so on. My blog and podcast has looked closely at these Industries and has argued that today, in 2006 America, reasoned arguments hold that these Industries seem to cause more harm than good. Again, root through my podcasts more for detail.

Clear as mud?

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