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Posted on: September 15, 2006

Surely there exists a serviceable middle road in this country, no? I’m still reading various opinions on what 9/11 was all about, and I seem able only to find zero-sum, extremist positions. Basically, in this nation, there seem to be only three possibilities about 9/11:

1. Neocon View: Bin Laden and Islamofascism (and maybe Iraq) were 100% responsible for 9/11 (this Bush administration position has been swallowed whole by most Americans, including the Left, see, e.g., opinion in the SF Chronicle, opinion in The Progressive, etc.)

2. Goverment Paranoia: 9/11 was a neocon plot/CIA black op, and Bin Laden is just a patsy boogeyman (see, e.g., “Loose Change” video).

3. Anti-Jewish View: Zionists were 100% responsible for 9/11, and Bin Laden is just a Mossad illusion (see, e.g., the anonymous screed “Stranger Than Fiction”).

Now I get why #1 is a common view within America. After all, we humans are social creatures, and the gravitational pull toward lining up with dominant, common beliefs is strong in any culture, not merely America.

But I don’t get why once a person leaves the #1 story, he/she necessarily seems to land on #2 or #3.

Is it just because I’m from Canada that I can envision a more complex story — ie. one that is a nuanced combination of, more or less, each of #1, #2, and #3 (see., e.g., 9/11: OK, I’m Finally Sold)?

If you are fat, is it because of what you eat? Or how much you eat? Or how much or little you exercise? Or how much or little you sleep? Or whether you have the “thrify” gene? Or because you harbor microbes that make you fat?

I’ve read articles arguing each of these things. What ever happened to answers like: “some or all of the above”?

When Americans take mutiple choice tests in high school, do any choose the “some or all of the above” choice? Or maybe American tests don’t even have that choice because Americans are simply incapable of comprehending multiple, nuanced causation. Please fill me in. I didn’t go to high school or college here. Is the country really this simple and extreme?

According my website stats, unique vistors to this site are on a pace to well exceed 1000 this month — blowing away the previous high. Yet only AndI, Sean, and Tom consistently comment. Are the other 997 of you just spammers? If not, hit the frickin comment link already. 🙂 You don’t need to sign in or anything.

To this point in this blog/podcast series, I’ve been pretty much satisfied just to get these thoughts off my chest. But now that I’ve waded into this 9/11 morass, I’m more interested in hearing your thoughts than in speaking mine.

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Sorry, it’s only me… 😉

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that no one will ever figure out how it happened and what “they” want is for those of us who don’t believe it happened how they said it did to argue endlessly over how it may have happened. More important, and an area where there is more evidenciary support, is WHY did this happen and WHO was reponsible?

If you haven’t seen or heard of it, you may want to watch Who Killed John O’Neill, which is a one-man/seven personalities film that lays out hard and verifiable evidence about the co-conspirators behind 9-11. It’s kind of a weird film… If you can’t take it, the research behind the movie is abailable online as well,

Some people hold the belief that “the government did it.” The research presented in the movie and web site above suggest (I hesitate to say “prove”) that the government is not directly implicated but that 9-11 was perpetrated by private interests.

Most interesting to me in the above information is Al Qaeda’s links to the Afghani Opium trade. Apparently Al Qaeda is a drug cartel…

Thanks Andy. I’m glad you included the smiley face because you, Sean, and Tom are now the main reasons I’m still blogging. I’m past the point of just wanting to get some stuff off my chest. Now I’m looking for dialogue. You guys are it and it is quite rich.

I’ll check out the video, thanks. I did read the link and I can certainly “take it”. But the problem I have with it, as I explained in one or more of my ponderous podcasts this past week, is that people making this argument don’t address all the evidence of Bin Laden intending this since the early 1990s.

Yeah, I can see the thread of the neocon interests leading straight up to 9/11. That is, I can see it if I can believe pages that like the one you cited. The facts stated in that page seem more or less reasonable to me.

For similar reasons, I see the thread of Islamic jihad interests also leading straight up to 9/11. This week, among the videos I watched was one of the hijacker suicide “will” videos. This fucker went on for well over an hour, quoting scripture passages from the Koran every 5 minutes or so. If this video is a CIA and/or Mossad fake, then I would like to hear a reasoned argument why such people would create a jihad ranting video so long that no American citizen or even Media outlet would actually watch the whole bloody thing. Only curious open-minded wierdos like me would actually take the time to find this video in, and then sit and listen to the whole annoying thing. There must be at least 6 or 7 of us in this country.

I think the conspiracy crowd does a disservice to finding the truth when they act just like the bloody Bush admininstration, and simply ignore the uncomfortable facts that seem to throw a wrench in their story. As I’ve said in podcasts, this is what lawyers do in lawsuits. They tell half the story, in a sequence that puts their own client in a favorable light. If the other side hires that same lawyer, he could tell a completely opposite story using the same buckets of facts, only ignoring different ones, and arranging the remaining ones in a different order. The best lawyers are whores.

I saw this when I was a clerk in a judge’s office, and when I practised litigation. It’s what made me sick of law. Half-truths and spinning — that’s what I see litigation is about. Half-truths and spinnning — that’s what I see going on in the various “extremist” zero-sum-it’s-either-A-B-or-C-but-no-combination-thereof people.

Here’s my last example. Check out that “Stranger than Fiction” paper I cited. It is the Anti-Jewish analogue of the DrDebug page you cited. The Anti-Jewish paper is a fascinating read with a lot of facts that seemed to check out when I got on Wikipedia. But here’s the problem: the paper discussed the history of the Jewish people from the early 1900s to the present day. But in doing so, they left out one little itty bitty fact in their story. What was that little fact? The Holocaust.

What did leaving the Holocaust out of their Jewish story do to their whole story? For most American readers, that critical omission reduced the value of their story to that of toilet paper. That is a shame, I believe, because their paper cited many little-known but interesting facts that do seem to check out (e.g. read up on “sayanim”; apparently, Wolfowitz Perle et al are Israeli citizens, etc.).

I guess that’s my basic point. Unless and until the conspiracy crowd addresses all pertinent facts, and fits those facts into their story, America will continue to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” on 9/11.

Hi Peter,
This comment has nothing to do with 9/11, though I definitely plan on commenting on that subject in the near future. I am writing you to say that I have begun reading your “Personality and the Brain” book and although I have only just started reading, I am tingling with anticipation…see, I, too, am one of those enneagram-hooked “nobodys” you mention in your preface. I have been learning about the “E” since 1996 since a friend also handed me a book. Now, I find it difficult to imagine what my life would have been without it. I know that sounds melodramatic, but judging from what I’ve read so far,I believe I can safely assume you understand. Anyway, I have been rolling theories of the enne agram and brain function around my own brain for years now, along with a few other like-brained individuals (yes, there are OTHERS for whom this holds endless fascination!)and I just wanted to let you know we’re truly jazzed about stumbling onto your book!

Thanks Carmela for your words of praise and encouragement. Of course, given the exclamation mark at the end of your paragraph, I must caution you that, judging from prior feedback, you might find yourself bored as you delve deeper.

Personally, I find Chapter 3 quite fascinating. It’s where I analyze Riso/Hudson and Palmer to break the Ennegram down into patterns of (optimism, pessimism) and (aware fear, unaware fear). When I wrote it, I had a feeling of discovering something very important that others would want to read. But instead, that chapter is where some of my friends got bogged down. Now you being an Enneagram enthusiast, perhaps you’ll have a different experience.

I’m still eager to have some dialogue with Enneagram folks on Chapter 3, and with neuroscientists on Chapters 5 and 6. Hundreds of people seem to have downloaded the book. But there’s no ongoing dialogue as yet.

Enjoy! (I hope.)

i see your point about the truth movement shooting itself in the foot. I believe this is due in part to CIA COINTEL infiltration. All they have to do is put out some really complex BS “truth” and hundreds of well-meaning “truthies” will jump on it and spread it like wildfire. which is why i’ve stopped trying to focus on “how,” because this is where the half-truthing that you’re talking about comes into play. instead i think the important questions are “who” and “why.” which is why i linked you to this movie and this research. it recognizes the inconsistancies in the 9-11 truth movement and instead focuses on drawing connections between the co-conspirators and pointing out the blatant lies that are integral parts of the “official” story.

let’s consider this to debunk the “Islamic Fundamentalist” angle (which you can find documentation about on DrDebug’s site and in WKJO).

Mohammad Atta–the “lead hijacker,” supposedly an Islamic Fundamentalist. Seen several times doing coke and cavorting with stripers. A big fan of pork chops. Had a white girlfriend… Which part of the tenants of Islamic Fundamentalism did he miss?? ummm… ALL of them??

Who was Atta seen doing this coke with? His “instructor” at Huffman Aviation school Rudy Dekkers. Huffman Aviation is the school that–out of 200 flight schools in Florida–Atta just happened to attend. Also one of the only schools that has access to issue Visas to foreign “students.” Atta is also known to have taken flight training prior to his attendance at Huffman. So why would he go to flight school if he already knew how to fly? Well maybe it has something to do with the 43 pounds of heroin siezed by the DEA from a Huffman aircraft? Atta was not a flight school student or an Islamic Fundamentalist. He was a drug runner. And a patsie for the 9-11 attacks.

I think it’s important to recognize that Al Qaeda is a drug cartel whose main purpose is to protect the Afghani opium crop (70% of the world’s stash) and not an Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist organization. They were created by the CIA and the Pakistani ISI. The CIA has a long history of supporting paramilitary groups to protect drug exports. The Colubmian Death Squads. The Sandanistas. The Contras. And Al Qaeda…

Al Qaeda as a terrorist organization is a psy-op. It’s not real. The military-ops that Al Qaeda is blamed for are all perpetrated by the CIA. Al Qaeda are the patsies that the CIA can then point the finger at. And when people are looking at the twin towers on fire, they are not thinking about the drug trade… They are frightened. confused. impressionable. and when the gov’t says “Al Qaeda did it,” the people, in their state of shock, generally believe… i know i did before i actually looked into it…

a more credible source re: the Huffman Aviation story:

This is fun. OK, let’s assume these stories are true. ie. It is true that: (1) Al Qaeda is a drug cartel (2) the “hijackers” were into sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll while in America. Actually, these stories seem quite probable to me.

In that case, I don’t see any inconsistency between these stories and the notion that Bin Laden et al were the lead actors of 9/11. Here’s my reasoning:

1. Al Qaeda as Drug Cartel. Since the early 1990s, Bin Laden had been quoted as wanting to destroy America and Western infidels. I’ve read that upwards of 70% of worldwide opium production comes from Afghanistan. I haven’t seen the stats but I would bet that upwards of 90% of opium-derivative drug use is in the Western infidel nations, particularly America. Fundamentalists seem to believe that drug use erodes a nation. Drug pushing is lucrative. Al Qaeda needed money to fund its “terrorist” activities. Put it all together: Would Bin Laden have been involved in producing opium to sell into Western nations, particularly America? Hell yeah! Kill two birds with one stone: (1) Harm America with the drugs (2) Make lots of money to fund your terrorist activties against America.

2. Wild and Crazy Hijackers. I’ve read that there was a manual going around the jihad circles in the Mideast that explained everything from how to make a bomb to how to act in America so as not to raise suspicion. I read that and immediately thought of that old Saturday Night Live skit with Steve Martin and Belushi when they acted liked the Polish “Wild and Crazy Guys”. The humor in that skit was that they were trying to act like cool, American”players”, but they weren’t quite pulling it off. I read stories of people like Atta doing drugs and going to strip bars, and I begin to suspect that this jihad manual says something like the following:”When in America, do as the Americans do so that they will ignre you. Shave your beard, don’t pray to Mecca five times a day, stop riding camels, and instead, get into sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. Allah will forgive you your transgressions because you will be doing them in the name of holy jihad.”

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