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Surely there exists a serviceable middle road in this country, no? I’m still reading various opinions on what 9/11 was all about, and I seem able only to find zero-sum, extremist positions. Basically, in this nation, there seem to be only three possibilities about 9/11:

1. Neocon View: Bin Laden and Islamofascism (and maybe Iraq) were 100% responsible for 9/11 (this Bush administration position has been swallowed whole by most Americans, including the Left, see, e.g., opinion in the SF Chronicle, opinion in The Progressive, etc.)

2. Goverment Paranoia: 9/11 was a neocon plot/CIA black op, and Bin Laden is just a patsy boogeyman (see, e.g., “Loose Change” video).

3. Anti-Jewish View: Zionists were 100% responsible for 9/11, and Bin Laden is just a Mossad illusion (see, e.g., the anonymous screed “Stranger Than Fiction”).

Now I get why #1 is a common view within America. After all, we humans are social creatures, and the gravitational pull toward lining up with dominant, common beliefs is strong in any culture, not merely America.

But I don’t get why once a person leaves the #1 story, he/she necessarily seems to land on #2 or #3.

Is it just because I’m from Canada that I can envision a more complex story — ie. one that is a nuanced combination of, more or less, each of #1, #2, and #3 (see., e.g., 9/11: OK, I’m Finally Sold)?

If you are fat, is it because of what you eat? Or how much you eat? Or how much or little you exercise? Or how much or little you sleep? Or whether you have the “thrify” gene? Or because you harbor microbes that make you fat?

I’ve read articles arguing each of these things. What ever happened to answers like: “some or all of the above”?

When Americans take mutiple choice tests in high school, do any choose the “some or all of the above” choice? Or maybe American tests don’t even have that choice because Americans are simply incapable of comprehending multiple, nuanced causation. Please fill me in. I didn’t go to high school or college here. Is the country really this simple and extreme?

According my website stats, unique vistors to this site are on a pace to well exceed 1000 this month — blowing away the previous high. Yet only AndI, Sean, and Tom consistently comment. Are the other 997 of you just spammers? If not, hit the frickin comment link already. 🙂 You don’t need to sign in or anything.

To this point in this blog/podcast series, I’ve been pretty much satisfied just to get these thoughts off my chest. But now that I’ve waded into this 9/11 morass, I’m more interested in hearing your thoughts than in speaking mine.

As I said in the last entry, once you cross the line, and face the inescapable conclusion that WTC 7 collapsed due to controlled demolition, life on the other side of this line becomes disorienting. In some ways, I feel that those of us who have crossed this line are like the European adventurers from the 1400s who sailed West looking for India, not being quite sure they wouldn’t fall off the edge of the flat Earth.

With 9/11, Government, Media, Courts, and Academia are the terra firma upon which all of us have spent our lives. Life outside of them might seem like sailing into a vast sea toward the unknown. How can I say that? Here’s my proof:

Check out This site describes itself “[a]s the leading portal of the September 11th research community and truth movement.” On their masthead, they have one of those “money-raised” thermometers, as if they were the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Check out their overview and mission statement. These people are focused squarely on the legacy Government, Media, Courts, and Academia. In other words, like children, they seem to need these legacy institutions to validate the “truth” they seek. Like these legacy institutions, they seem to equate truth with money.

I say it’s time for a clean break. I say that the legacy institutions of Government, Media, Courts, and Academia are so polluted and poisoned by the fetishism of money that it is an exercise in futility to seek the truth about 9/11 from them. This is because of my emerging belief that, aside from “true believer” fanatics like Bin Laden and his hijackers, most every other supporting actor on the events of 9/11 had money as a root motivation. In other words, the final truths about 9/11 beyond Bin Laden will be found by following that same old, tired road. Namely: “Follow the money”.

I say 9/11 is the first occasion for which the following holds true:

1. It is relevant to every single one of us People (unlike, say, Superbowl XL*, Kelo, or Katrina)
2. The legacy Head was, is, and will be of no help to us People.

Accordingly, I’d say the goals of us People ought NOT to be any of the following:

1. Seek a legitimate Governmental inquiry into 9/11.

2. Seek front page treatment from the Head Media (e.g. the NYT) on 9/11.

3. Seek redress from the Courts on 9/11.

4. Seek validation from Head Academia on 9/11.

I say instead, that amongst us People, there is more than enough wisdom for self governance, for the discovery and sharing of truth, and for resolving disputes. Moreover, with this Internet, we have our New World.

Until now, I had always looked at MMORPGs as evidence of social pathology in the sedentary, anonymous, post-industrial age. In other words, this age of inhumanity spits out lost and disoriented People at an alarming rate. A good number of them seemed to have found more preferable lives in the illusory worlds of MMORPGs.

Now, I’ve flipped 180 degrees. This world in which we are living — the one run by legacy Government, Media, Courts, and Academia — is the illusory one. It’s time we People headed back into the garage to practice our science, gathered and shared the news amongst ourselves, and met in the agora to learn, teach, and resolve disputes.

Somebody, please! Create an MMORPG for 9/11. We could have sane, functional, and responsible net-Government, net-Media, net-Courts, and net-Academia.

Maybe somebody is already doing that. It’s just becoming painful for me to watch the “9/11 truth movement” continue to bang its head on the rocks of the calcified legacy institutions.


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