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It Just Keeps Gets Worse and Worse …

Posted on: September 14, 2006

I thought I was done with 9/11 three days ago. Then I thought I was done with it yesterday. All that reading. All those podcasts. Yet it’s past my bedtime again, and 9/11 is still bugging the hell out of me …

Once my head crossed the line into believeing that WTC 7 fell due to controlled demolition, the road on the other side of that line just keeps getting longer with no apparent end.

I still feel positive that Bin Laden and his followers were the primary perpetrators of 9/11. I still feel fairly confident that most of the Bush administration — including Bush, Rice, Powell, maybe Rumsfeld — were merely negligent about 9/11.

But I’m starting to think that more and more people knew 9/11 was coming, and took steps to make sure they profited from it. Larry Sliverstein is starting to seem like just the small tip of an iceberg in this category.

Worse of all, I’m starting to suspect that one common trait among many, if not most, of the folks who knew 9/11 was coming, and who took steps to ensure their advantage, is that they count themselves as members of the Jewish Diaspora and/or Israel.

Great. 43 years into a life lived more or less free of “isms”, I’m finding I now see more truth in what neo-nazis are saying about 9/11 than I do in what our Goverment and Corporate Media say. Argh!

Well, if Israel and Jewish Americans turn out to be central “supporting players” on 9/11 (ie. playing Bin Laden like a fiddle), the one thing I am confident of is that America will behave much better than did Europe in the 1940s.

As you can see, I’ve added a tag called “9/11”. I retract what I said in my Fourth Turning piece from 2003. There I said that I didn’t think 9/11 would serve as the Fourth Turning event that shifted us into the coming Crisis. The reason I said that is that I didn’t believe that the ensuing “War on Terror” would define the crisis. I still don’t believe that.

But now I’m thinking that 9/11 is the Fourth Turning for a different reason. That reason concerns 9/11 “conspiracy theories”. Two years ago, I saw that what Eisenhower called the “military industrial complex” had both created the conditions that led Bin Laden to perpetrate 9/11, and had profited from it afterward.

But what I’m starting to suspect now is that at least some Corporations, and some folks in the government, “rigged” 9/11 to make sure that once Bin Laden struck, the day would play out in such a way as to lock in their advantages.

Despite the efforts of Government and Corporate Media to keep the lid on this, and maybe in part because of those efforts, the buzz among People who are smelling a rat over 9/11 is ever growing. I’m starting to think that 9/11 will turn out after all to be the match that lit the fire to People vs. Corporations.

Thanks to AndI and Sean for pushing my gaze to 9/11. I finally see it. It was right there all along.

3 Responses to "It Just Keeps Gets Worse and Worse …"

Sure you conspirazoid with strong neo-nazi and antisemitic tendencies, it’s the Jews they’re responsible. You’re not left, you’re a crass populist moron with fascist tendencies. Your stench smells as bad as Father Charles Coughlin, Charles Lindebugh and Henry Ford’s did in the 1930’s. Your party I’m happy to tell you has gone the way of the dodo. Perhaps you can revive it. It was known as the Know Nothing Party. Look it up.

Assuming you’re not just phishing, then I’ll say thanks for your comment. Perhaps you’re right. But if so, I don’t see it.

For you, but mostly perhaps for the rest of the readers of this blog, I offer the following analysis: The above comment seems to serve as an excellent illustration of some of the things I’ve been talking about. Recall that I’ve written this partially finished book called “Personality and the Brain.” Among other things, the book concerns a theory of human personality known as the “Enneagram”.

Although this theory concerns only individual personality, I’ve theorized that this same “typing” dyanmic applies to entire cultures or societies. That is, cultures tend to follow the patterns of one of the Eneagram personality types. For example, I’ve reasoned that American culture is of the 8 type; Canada of the 9 type; Greece, 3.

Recently, I podcasted about what I believe to be the “personaity types” of the Jewish Diaspora and of Irsael. I concluded that the former follows the 7 type, whereas the latter seems to behave like an 8.

Consider the above comment. If we were to characterize the emotional tone of it, we’d say it was aversive, as opposed to attractive or neutral. Further, looking at the substance of the comment, the writer seems to be putting himself/herself in the position of defender/avenger of the Jewish Diaspora. The question now is: Is the writer behaving like a 7?

Turning to the Riso/Hudson Enneagram book “Personality Types”, we find the following descrition of the highly aversive but not quite mentally disturbed 7: “They scold and nitpick at others for disappointing them and vent their frustration with condescending, sarcastic comments.” This seems to fit the above comment.

Moreover, notice that the comment is anonymous. Contrast this with the comment a few days ago of Christian Peper who seemed rather certain that I am quite wrong in my belief that 9/11 was not entirely or even mostly an “inside job”. Christian included both his name and a link to his own website allowing any of us to check out his own views in depth.

In contrast, this commenter didn’t do that. Referring back to the Enneagram, we find that one of the hallmarks of the 7 type is conflict avoidance. The Internet is fertile ground for aggrieved 7s who wish to vent their frustration through anonymous “flames”.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s not nearly enough information in this sparse comment to conclude that it evidences behavior of the 7, but of no other type. Instead, what I’m saying here is something simpler. I’m saying merely that this comment is entirely consistent with what I’ve said about the “personality type” of the Jewish Disapora. That is, this is a culture of type 7 that feels, for what I believe to be sound historical reasons, threatened or insecure.

To the commenter: Sorry for treating you like a lab rat. But thus far on this site, “flame” comments have been few and far between. In fact, almost none of the comments thus far has evidenced strong aversion. Accordingly, the Enneagram has been useless for analyzing the comments on this site because that theory is a theory of aversion (i.e fear). The theory is useless when everybdy is acting happy, happy, nice, nice.

So thanks again for the comment — both for your thoughts, and for serving as an instructive illustration.

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