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9/11: OK, I’m Finally Sold

Posted on: September 14, 2006

Four podcasts into analyzing 9/11, and I still had some niggling doubts. Being an 8, I can’t stand living in ambiguity and confusion. So I watched yet another 9/11 video: 9/11 Eyewitness. That one finally got through to me. I now believe that WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed due to detonated explosives that had been placed in the towers prior to 9/11. However I still don’t believe that any Americans — in the adminstration or outside — intended to kill anyone on that day (but I do think there were some shady, unfortunate actions).

Below, I lay out where I come out on culpability concerning 9/11. Beside each “defendant”, I indicate my verdict concerning their role in connection with the events of 9/11 (ie. nothing about how they behaved afterward). Next to that is what I read as their plea in response.

1. Bin Laden and his Followers. Verdict: specific intent to mass murder; Plea: self-defense.

2. Afghani Taliban and Pakistan. Verdict: accessory to mass murder; Plea: defender of the faith.

3. Bush Administration. Verdict: gross negligence; Plea: defender of the faith.

4. CIA. Verdict: negligence; Plea: guilty as charged.

5. Foreign Intelligence Services. Verdict: Ignored friend of the US; Plea: guilty as charged.

6. Larry Silverstein. Verdict: reckless endangerment; Plea: just trying to make a buck here (wth some pangs of guilt).

7. American People. Verdict: neligent sleep; Plea: slowly waking up.

I realize this may seem obtsue. So here are a few hours of podcasts I recorded yesterday to explain all this:

(100) 9/11, My Final Take, Part I: Introduction (After watching the video called 9/11 Eyewitness, I’m finally sold that the towers collapsed due to explosives planted prior to 9/11. But where do we go from here?)

(101) 9/11, My Final Take, Part II: Jewish Culture, Diaspora versus Israel (I suspect that the personality type of the Jewish Diaspora is 7, while that of Israel is 8. This parallels the relationship between England (a 5 country) and its offspring America (an 8 country).)

(102) 9/11, My Final Take, Part III: The Trial (Here, I analyze the 9/11 roles of Bin Laden, the Pakistanis, Foresign Intelligence Services, and Larry Silverstein.)

(103) 9/11, My Final Take, Part IV: Bush and the Verdict (The trial portion concludes with defendant Bush and his government. Finally, the verdicts are entered. Now I can sleep peacefully.)

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