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Greece Beats the US: A Perfect Allegory for Duck & Gather

Posted on: September 8, 2006

Greece beat the USA in last week’s FIBA World Basketball Championships. Watching the game, it struck me as an alomost ideal allegory for much of what I’ve written and blogged about here. I couldn’t be happier for US basketball. Here are two podasts on this:

(92) Greece beats USA, Part I: A Perfect Allegory

(93) Greece beats USA, Part II: No, Really, I Love the US

p.s. Don’t worry Sean, the basketball analysis in here is very brief and light.

2 Responses to "Greece Beats the US: A Perfect Allegory for Duck & Gather"

No worries here. Don’t worry about toning down the sports stuff – if that’s your passion, so be it. I don’t turn it off per se, as have a slightly harder time focusing when sports talk is going on – in general – think water cooler talk. If there is a larger point, it’s no prob.

I’ve played various sports in my day, and enjoy being physical even now – I’m sure I could bore you with all the details of my typical daily workout, but I won’t. 🙂 I just don’t engage in the watching part.

On the analysis of The Power of Nightmares and enneagrams (sp?), I still have yet to read your PDF. I plan on it, though. So I have yet to know what enneagram 5’s are and to think about whether I am one or not. If not being able to believe there are people out there that are true believers is part of it, I doubt I am one. But I have yet to understand what this enneagram theory is all about – incidentally, I picked up a Colorado Free University ( brochure today, and see they have an Enneagram course.

If I had to classify myself, it would be somewhere in the “aspiring mapper” category, per the Programmer’s Stone: At a job a long, long, long time ago, we had something akin to a simplified Meyers-Briggs done as a group, and I ended up with the (forget the term) quadrant that had all the managers in it. A little awkward to look over and see most of the programmers in the “data-driven” group, but I didn’t give much thought to a system that had only 4 types, especially since it’s mostly extroverts coming up with tests of these nature. I tend to wonder about the skew due to that, especially since I ended up in the extrovert-type group.

BTW – I’m not so sure that the documenters had this idea of Qutb/Strauss being these cynical types that weren’t also true believers – at least that’s not what I took away from it, but it’s fading into memory a bit since I’ve been viewing a lot of documentaries lately.

[…] Basketball: The Allegory is Looking Up Two years ago, I posted Greece Beats the US: A Perfect Allegory for Duck & Gather. That post mentioned that, in the semi-finals of the 2006 World Basketball Championships, the Greek […]

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