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The Power of Nightmares … Thanks Sean!

Posted on: August 16, 2006

I just posted a podcast about “colloidal silver”. I found it to be a fascinating topic. Commenter AndI turned me on to it.

So I figured I’d go check out the blog of another regular commenter on this site — Sean LeBlanc. Sean’s blog is A Study in Sparseness.

Today, Sean posted a comment on a BBC documentary series called “The Power of Nightmares.” About the video, Sean said: “kudos, and I cannot recommend enough”. I concur.

In fact, it’s presently 11:45 p.m. over here — almost three hours past my normal bedtime. I’ve just sat and watched all three hours of the documentary. I found it fascinating and entirely thought-provoking. Tomorrow, I think I’ll do a podcast on it.

But for now, I’ll just say the following: The film presents what I believe to be a narrow but more or less correct vector of truth. Moreover, it is a vector that would seem quite useful to this more or less infantile nation of ours.

However, the film also struck me as a bit “false” in the way that stories lawyers spin in court are false. It’s often not so much what the lawyers said that is false. Instead, it’s in all the things they didn’t say, or otherwise de-emphasized.

Another way to say it is that the documentary throws more than a few babies out with all the bathwater.

That may be a bit obtuse. So I’ll go into what I mean in the podcast tomorrow. But for now, let me say: Thanks Sean! That was a great tip.

… Here are the podcasts:

(90) The Power of Nightmares, Part I: Praise and Criticism (wonderful documentary, but quite slanted toward the worldview of the Five, thus weakening it)
(91) The Power of Nightmares, Part II: My Take on 9/11 (perhaps I of all people shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that this take of mine — coming from the Far Left — is more or less in the ballpark of that of paleocon Patrick Buchanan — coming from the Far Right)

4 Responses to "The Power of Nightmares … Thanks Sean!"

Sorry to destroy your sleeping habits with a suggestion. I look forward to your comments on it.

Well stop being so bloody interesting, Sean.:)

BTW, I just posted my two podcasts on this.

Oh, about Buchanan, LOL – yeah, I’m surprised to find I agree with him on some things when I used to watch that PBS show he’s always on. Very weird. And I’m not even far-left. I used to be a down-the-line Libertarian and before that probably a moderate liberal. Some day I’m going to have to blog a bit about my road from 9/11 to where I am now, but I guess I’m in agreement with a lot of the far-left these days, although I’m done with anyone’s ideology, at least for now. Striving for independent thought can be very difficult, but I think is much more beneficial.

In any case, I think that I agree with him on some points for some of the same reasons that Eric Hoffer talked in “The True Believer” – the Nazis recognized it would be easier to “turn” a hard-line Communist than it would to be, say, a moderate Socialist. I think that’s how it went – along with some analogy about instead of far-left and far-right being at opposite ends of a spectrum, instead, opposite ends of a horseshoe.

Yeah, I’m finding it hard to categorize myself as well. In some ways, I’m an extreme Libertarian — i.e. I have litle use even for county government let alone national. Still, I don’t quite have the hard-on about property rights that the Libertarians do. But then true Communism abhors me, so Far Left doesn’t fit me either.

I’m really starting to sense this nation is ready for an epohcal political shift on the order of what happened around the time of the Civil War when the Whigs vanished and the Republicans emerged. It was as if politics made a 90 degree turn, making the former Top now Right, and former Bottom now Left. I think a similar thing is happening today.

Today, while it seems that the bulk of the nation has finally gotten the news that Mr. Bush and the Republicans will go down as among the worst and most dangerous in the nation’s history, I don’t get the sense that this is translating into widespread love for the Democrats. I do think the Democrats will gain many seats in Congress this November. But I think that most voters will feel that this is just the best of two really smelly choices.

Where it goes from there — who knows?

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