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On one of my blog postings from May, AndI recommended that we “[c]onsider Colloidal Silver to protect yourself from H5N1.” Given that the commenters on my site seem to be intelligent and insightful types, I figured this was a worthy topic to investigate. I finally got the time to do so last week.

Short of is that I agree with AndI. Colloidal silver seems like a very promising therapy for handling viral and/or bacterial infection. Actually, this topic especially interests me because this therapy is consistent with my three-part model for discovering truth. Quickly, here are some of the factors that tickled my “truth spider sense”:

  • Ancient value — Gold, silver, and copper have been valuable elements going back into antiquity and beyond. Perhaps the origin of that value in pre-historical cultures concerned the medicinal properties of these elements, and from those beginnings, abstracted value accrued in the form of jewelry and coinage. This would be akin to religious dietary restrictions (e.g. pork abstention, fasting, etc.) which are presented as normative strictures, but which probably orginated from health concerns.
  • Periodic Table — Gold, silver, and copper are in the same column of the periodic table. Each has only one electron in its outer shell. This makes these elements excellent conductors, but, at least for gold and silver, reluctant oxidizers. Perhaps the health mechanism of these elements involves the facilitation of electcron flow within our bodies (see, e.g., Becker’s The Body Electric).
  • Skeptics and the FDA Scorn Colloidal Silver — When the moneyed interests in medicine go on the attack about a natural remedy, that suggests to me that the remedy probably works and works well, thereby threatening the hegemoney of the moneyed interests, thus prompting their attack.
  • My sister corroborated the usefulness of colloidal silver — My sister is a naturopath with decades of clinical experience — here’s her website. She confirmed to me that her experience reveals colloidal silver to be an effective remedy for viral/bacterial infections.

These factors have me planning on building my own colloidal silver generator and trying it out. That will provide me with four different natural approaches to combating viral/bacterial infections:

  1. Mega-dose Vitamin C (here’s a podcast from 2005)
  2. Rectal insufflation of ozone (see the above podcast)
  3. Urine therapy (here’s a recent podcast on this)
  4. Colloidal silver

Now, all I need to do is to get sick four times, try out the various remedies, and record their respective effectiveness. Problem is that I just don’t get sick anymore.

Curses! Just when I’ve become interested in health approaches, I can’t use myself as a lab rat. Well, maybe as my daughter ages, she will be bringing home viral/bacterial infections acquired from other kids at school, and I’ll contract these diseases. One can only hope.

Here’s the podcast on this: (89) Colloidal Silver

A couple of weeks back, the New York Times magazine ran a story called “The Brand Underground.” To me, this article is the follow-on to the magazine’s article back in 2004 on the word-of-mouth marketing phenomenon. Reading this current article, I experienced the same feeling of horror and revulsion that I experienced reading the earlier piece. For me, the basic theme of each piece is: The money has gone too far (podcast from 2005).

Here’s my current podcast on this phenomenon: (86) The Branding Underground

I just posted a podcast about “colloidal silver”. I found it to be a fascinating topic. Commenter AndI turned me on to it.

So I figured I’d go check out the blog of another regular commenter on this site — Sean LeBlanc. Sean’s blog is A Study in Sparseness.

Today, Sean posted a comment on a BBC documentary series called “The Power of Nightmares.” About the video, Sean said: “kudos, and I cannot recommend enough”. I concur.

In fact, it’s presently 11:45 p.m. over here — almost three hours past my normal bedtime. I’ve just sat and watched all three hours of the documentary. I found it fascinating and entirely thought-provoking. Tomorrow, I think I’ll do a podcast on it.

But for now, I’ll just say the following: The film presents what I believe to be a narrow but more or less correct vector of truth. Moreover, it is a vector that would seem quite useful to this more or less infantile nation of ours.

However, the film also struck me as a bit “false” in the way that stories lawyers spin in court are false. It’s often not so much what the lawyers said that is false. Instead, it’s in all the things they didn’t say, or otherwise de-emphasized.

Another way to say it is that the documentary throws more than a few babies out with all the bathwater.

That may be a bit obtuse. So I’ll go into what I mean in the podcast tomorrow. But for now, let me say: Thanks Sean! That was a great tip.

… Here are the podcasts:

(90) The Power of Nightmares, Part I: Praise and Criticism (wonderful documentary, but quite slanted toward the worldview of the Five, thus weakening it)
(91) The Power of Nightmares, Part II: My Take on 9/11 (perhaps I of all people shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that this take of mine — coming from the Far Left — is more or less in the ballpark of that of paleocon Patrick Buchanan — coming from the Far Right)

for the money has gone too far

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