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Posted on: August 11, 2006

(I tried to post this as a comment on AndI’s site — but I couldn’t do so without joining MySpace.)

AndI has a really interesting take on this British “terror” bust of yesterday. He presents a well-reasoned argument that this whole episode is fake, and was staged by reactionaries trying to frighten us about “Islamofascism”.

I’d say that that is certainly possible. That is, the only thing we know about this event is what the media has told us, and the only thing they know is what the authorities have told them. And we can reason, as AndI does, that the authorities have a clear vested interest in stories like these being spun by the media. So with that degree of interest, combined with the facile nature of spinning false stories, I can see why AndI came to the conclusions that he did. Who knows? He may be right.

But what if AndI is not right? What if there really were some dozens of home-grown British jihadists who were planning to use common-looking liquids and MP3 players to blow up a bunch of trans-Atlantic flights? What then?

That, I believe, is where the really interesting dynamics come in. Just like cancer, those dynamics would have us ask: What is cancer? Where did it come from? Why did we get it? How should we have dealt with it when the first symptoms appeared? How should we deal with it now?

In the domain of health, these are fascinating questions one set of answers for which illuminate the wide chasm separating the Corporate interests of conventional medicine, from the humanistic interests of natural health.

In the domain of geo-politics, “Islamofascism”, and “world terrorism”, these are fascinating questions one set of answers for which illuminate the wide chasm separating the Corporate interests of what Republican President Eisenhower called the “military industrial complex”, from the humanistic interests of peace.

In the early 1990s, I moaned that history had passed me by — that we were living in a profoundly boring age. Fast forward to these early days of the third millenium. Now how do I feel? I feel these current days — and the questions they force upon us — are the most interesting days in recorded human history. I’m grateful to be alive, vital, and in my forties during these most interesting of days.

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More evidence against the “foiled terror plot” is that is is physically impossible to safely mix liquid explosives onboard an aircraft. Unless of course they let you bring your titration pipettes on board… So it simply could not have happened the way they said it did. Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible? Granted “The Register” has about as much journalistic integrity as the New York Post, but chemistry is chemistry…

And yet another point of view is that this recent foiled terror plot is real, but was terminated by its government overseers because too many people found out that the US and British governments had foreknowledge. And isn’t this nice because it gives legitimacy to the war on terror. “Look! We did something good!! Now hand over that 4th Amendment!!!”

Regardless, we certainly do live in interesting times and we have interesting questions to ponder…

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