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Back in November of 2004, I predicted that a bird flu pandemic would sweep across America leaving a surprising number of deaths in its wake. A year later, in October of 2005, the topic of a bird flu pandemic had reached the top of public consciousness with dire warnings coming from the Bush administration. At that time, I opined that, since the element of surprise was now gone, we were in “double or nothing” territory concerning the complete loss of faith of People in Corporations and Government.

Now, in May of 2006, ABC has run a TV movie illustrating a bird flu pandemic disaster scenario. Reports are coming in that the movie has sparked “mass hysteria” among the public. The Government is now in the position of trying to calm us People, assuring us that the movie represents only an unlikely “worse case scenario”. I say we’re now in quadruple or nothing territory.

Contrast this dynamic with 9/11. For the vast majority of Americans, that event was, more or less, a complete surprise and shock. Many of us still seem unable to grock that event. Witness the 9/11 “conspiracy theorists” who insist or at least suggest that the Bush administration, and in particular Mr. Cheney, collaborated with the “terrorists,” aiding them in their actions.

Consider what such allegations say about the mindset of the “conspiracy” crowd. These are people who simply can’t believe that our American Way of Life is so fragile and that our leaders are so inept that a mere “19 camel jockeys with box cutters and a bit of simulated flight training” could manage, all by themselves, to obliterate two 110-story buildings and dent the Pentagon, all the while eluding the world’s most advanced air force. People who hold such views are true optimists. “Life can’t possibly be that fickle and precarious”, they assume. The suddeness of 9/11 left the door open for this kind of comforting “conspiracy” thinking.

But what about bird flu? For bird flu, this Door of Denial will be firmly closed. Bird flu hasn’t yet even mutated, let alone reached the shores of America. Yet we chubby, befuddled citizenry, unable to distinguish fact from fiction on our insipid television, are now in hysteria. What if this flu really does wreak havoc? We fat and dumb Americans will have no choice but to let go of our child-like faith in Corporations and Government.

“Yes, Virginia, life really is that fickle, and Corporations and Government really are that incompetent.” What will this country look like when a critical mass comes to this realization at the same time?

Did I hear someone say “meltdown”?

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