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Posted on: March 8, 2006

So the movie Crash won the Oscar for best picture last Sunday. If you listen to my podcasts, you might remember that back in May of last year, I podcasted about Crash, and the commonalities it shares with the films American Beauty, and What the Bleep?.

Two Oscar winners paired with an obscure documentary? What could they possibly have in common? Well, perhaps you listened to my recent podcast on an approach for harvesting Truth. One aspect of that approach involves identifying commonalities between disparate, seemingly unrelated works.

In the podcast on the three movies, I explain that the two Oscar winners tell a story about a certain dynamic, while What the Bleep? is essentially a documentary about that same dynamic. That dynamic goes by the name “redemption”. Essentially, our persistent and recurring fears and desires drive us headlong into a crash, which can serve to wake us up to a broader perspective in which our fears and desires evaporate. Thus, from the dust and rubble of the crash emerges a step toward love and wisdom — perhaps even toward enlightenment.

Which brings me to my podcast last month about the fine line separating insanity from enlightenment. In that podcast, I speculate that in these days of the peaking American Empire, insanity and enlightenment are quietly spreading throughout this sleepy nation.

Is the selection of “Crash” as Oscar winner evidence of the former creep (insanity) or the latter (enlightenment)?

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