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Back in January, I podcasted about Jim Kunstler’s blog, “Clusterfuck Nation”. In that podcast, I noted similarities between his views and my own. Well, on February 13, Mr. Kunstler uploaded a posting called “Played“, the topic of which is, more or less, the coming People vs. Corporations battle. As you probably know, I’ve had much to say on People vs. Corporations. Now, while he didn’t actually use that particular phrase, his meaning was unambiguous. Check out the quote at the end of his posting:

When the public finally discovers how they have been let down or played by these [political] leaders [who act as agents of Big Business], there will be a convulsion more severe than the one that tore this country apart in 1861.

The U.S Civil War, begun in 1861, represents the American “double or nothing” crisis that preceded the same order of crisis known as the Great Depression/World War II. As Strauss and Howe have predicted, America is about to experience a crisis as dire as these two previous ones. The only question in their model is: What will be the nature of this crisis? I’ve said it will be a civil war defined as People vs. Corporations. Apparently, Mr. Kunstler agrees.

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