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Prediction 8: “Word-of-Mouth Agents” Will be Assaulted

Posted on: January 27, 2006

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Sure they will. Easy prediction. I mean, I’d sign up for the job right now. Just show me one of the fuckfaces.

I find it interesting to consider the progression of advertising techniques from the 50s to the present. Major categories seem to track the generations described by Strauss and Howe. Until this latest Gen Y, TV and print ads sufficed to “reach” the market. In the 50s, the ads showed “shiny happy housewives”; in the 60s/70s, “anti-establihsment” youth; in the 80s/90s, the “wise ass cool guy”. But by the 2000s, the kids have been so inundated with ads from birth on, that they’ve acquired a sort of immunity against standard TV and print ads. So how does advertising evolve to reach this latest immune generation? Like the clever parasite it has always been, advertising mimics the behavior/worldview of the latest generation and comes up with … drumroll please … word-of-mouth. What does that say about Gen Y? It says that generation is pretty tight and together. What does it say about the advertising industry, and hence America? To me, it says we’re in some sort of peak period of inhumanity. I hope I’m wrong about this particular prediction (as well as many of the others!). But unforunately, I don’t think I am.

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