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Yay, comments!

Posted on: October 24, 2005

This blog is now attracting comments. Check out the comments to the previous posting. Not your run-of-the-mill commentary, eh? Andy and Michelle, my first two commentators, are obviously observant, clear thinking, well written sorts. Now I’m not saying this just because they find agreement with some of my positions. Hey, we can all disagree. Hell, I disagree with myself often enough. No. What I’m talking about here is stating your positions lucidly, and with emotional balance. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t post the sort of infantile crap that fills the web. That’s the beauty of the web. It’s just a reflection of us. That is, the web is a mirror. So given that, throw in a comment! No need to login or anything.

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[…] Responding to the suggestion of commenter Nick, I’ve gone ahead and uploaded HTML versions of the chapters of my draft book, Personality and the Brain. Now you can surf through the book on-line, as well as download the book in PDF form. One major trade-off between the two formats is getting to use the bells and whistle features of your browser (mine is Firefox), versus those of Adobe Reader. […]

[…] 10/20/05: This blog received its first ever comment (from AndI). […]

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