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Lately, I realized that this blog is shrouded in a bit of doom and gloom. And certainly, I do see some doom and gloom in our immediate future. Heck, that’s why I named this blog “Duck!”. But lately I realized that Duck! is only half the issue. The other half asks: What comes after Ducking? My answer is: We Gather. We pull together. We help each other out. Now I had ben planning to put some of these “Gather” ideas in a different part of my site. For example, I have some incipient thoughts about setting up a “PeoplesWiki”. The idea of that Wiki would be that maybe we could collectively work on redefining life in America in a self reliant way. In other words, this Wiki would ask: What can I do, by myself and with my community, to live in a self reliant way, independent of Government and Corporations? Now, of course, such ideas don’t seem to fit in a dark and danky “Duck!” blog. Yet I’m too lazy to start a whole second blog. (Sheesh, I’m too lazy for just this one.) What to do, what to do, … . And then it hit me! Simply rename “Duck!” as “Duck! and Gather”, and presto, we’re there.

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Looks like the topic of avian flu pandemic has burst to the top of public consciousness. Major media outlets over the past weekend have devoted top space and time to the subject. In my pandemic prediction which I posted last year, I said that a pandemic seemed likely because America was asleep to that prospect. But now that America is wide awake, does that reduce the risk? My first answer is: I sure hope so! My second answer is: Um, I don’t think so. In fact, we may now be in “double or nothing” territory. In other words, perhaps the pandemic will not hurt America much because we’re now thinking about it, and presumably preparing for it. On the other hand, some scientists are saying what I’ve been saying, namely: “If the H5N1 avian flu begins to easily infect humans, it will move too quickly for drugs and vaccines to be of much use“. Since drugs and vaccine are the only arrows in the conventional American medical quiver, what will happen if those arrows miss their mark? In that unfortunate event, I suspect that all hell will break loose in this country. We will experience a fully anticipated pandemic racing through the streets, with the authorities exposed as impotent to stop it. In fact, I’ve written about that possibility.

I’m in the process of migrating the Duck! blog to WordPress. I wanted to drag this blog into the 21st century (ie. enabling commenting by you folks, adding RSS, auto-pinging Technorati, etc.) After looking into to coding these features myself, I quickly gave up and decided to use the WordPress package. Seems quite powerful so far. Please bear with me while I figure out how to merge these new blog postings with my existing Duck! content.

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